Rate Your Date! All the forms you’ll ever need!

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I’ve been thinking about helping the less fortunate lately (basically, every guy out there). After talking to one of my bros, I was inspired to start collecting data on my first dates. What better way to make an already scientific blog, even more so! I created surveys to hand out after dates in a prepaid envelope to allow women to contribute to First-Datology by providing feedback. I’ve already had a few in circulation and the results haven’t been surprising:

I’ve included all of the forms for your own personal use. You can easily rate your dates or collect data:

And, as an incentive to fill out the forms and refer friends, I included a coupon for one FREE massage. The promotion has resulted in great response rates and massages:

Have any suggestions for new forms or ways to improve existing ones? Contact me and let me know! Your input is valued here at Legendarily Awesome.

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