Pick up Sequence

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I’ve finally done it! After years in the lab, I’ve created the most influential discovery of this century, my magnum opus! The breakthrough that will change the course of history forever! I’ve written a computer program that picks up women!

First, we start with the players. I’ve covered You and Hottie, the only actors who matter. If you feel like competition, douchebags, and her friends should also factor in and may be impediments to the winning, then you clearly have learned nothing. I’ve only programmed in the attributes and behavior that have any real importance in life.



And here is what you’ve been begging for… A STEP BY STEP PROGRAM THAT PICKS UP CHICKS FOR YOU! Just start at “Prep” and work your way down the list until you get laid.*









Now you have the program that will turn your floppy into a hard drive, so you can spend less time playing with your joystick and more time spreading in the sheets. You’re welcome!

*The writer of LegendarilyAwesone© does not guarantee intercourse with anything other than your hand. Actual results may vary, depending on age, height, attractiveness, amount in your bank account, package size, and having actual skills with women.

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