Age of Consent – (n.) A key piece of information that keeps you from becoming Big Bob’s plaything. (Age of Consent)

Assets – (n.) The few things that make all the nagging worth it. (Relationships: Part II – Valuing her Assets)

Attractive Level – (n.) How much of a hottie or nottie the opposite sex perceives you to be. (Hypotenuse Theory)

Bang-able – (adj.) Able to be banged, nailed, laid, sexed, mated, porked, drilled, plowed, bonked, etc… (Mirror Effect)

Bangvana – (n.) The state characterized by freedom from celibacy, desperation, and your hand. Having a constant supply of boning. (Desperation Bias)

Betray – (v.) To keep a dude from getting laid. (Wingman: Part I)

Boob Dilemma – (n.) An example of a game analyzed in game theory, explaining why two bros might not cooperate even though it appears to be in their best interest to do so. (Wingman: Part I)

Boobs – (n. plural) Happiness wrapped in two wonderful, bouncing packages.

Bro –
(n.) A guy’s closest male friend, buddy, or comrade.
(v.) To cooperate with another dude, so that both of you get laid. (Wingman: Part I)

Bromance – (n.) The love between two bros. (Wingman: Part I)

Brosource – (v.) To borrow the skills of a bro who is more attractive, louder, funnier, a better story-teller, etc… (Wingman: Part I)

Backup Girl (BUG) – (n.) Sex you have in reserve in the likely case you break up with your girlfriend. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

Byway Theory – (n.) A beautifully made illustration of why men and women cannot be friends. (Byway Theory)

Crier – (n.) A woman who cries incessantly. (Beware!)
Depreciation – (n.) Flabbing, nagging, sagging, etc…, the things that make a woman less valuable over time. (Relationships: Part II – Valuing her Assets)

Desperation – (n.) A clingy woman, who once implanted, will NEVER let go. (Beware!)

Douchebag – (n.) A dude with an over-inflated sense of self worth that women perceive as strength and confidence. (The Douchebag)

Dreamkiller – (n.) A woman who crushes your hopes and childlike innocence. (Beware!)

Eh – (n.) An admission of defeat (i.e., I guess I’d do her) (Mirror Effect)

Escape Strategy – (n.) One of the tools used for getting over depression. (Escape Strategies)

Friend with Benefits (FWB) – (n.) A friend that provides one of the most treasured resources with no strings attached. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

Feasible Zone – (n.) All of the people within your bang-able range. (Prison Theory)

Fighter – (n.) All of the anger and hate in the world personified in a woman. (Beware!)

Friend – (n.) A dude with whom you are not sleeping. (Byway Theory)

Friend Zone – (n.) A place men accidentally reach where they remain celibate and depressed for eternity. (Byway Theory)

Future – (n.) Someone you plan on nailing in the future at an agreed upon attractive and self-esteem level. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

Girl at the Bar (GAB) – (n.) A type of short term investment. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

GirlFax – (n.) The all-important and all-encompassing tool for getting to know a woman before you “get to know” her. (Relationships: Part III)

Girlfriend – (n.) A guaranteed (and boring) supply of sex that comes at a high cost. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

Girl who is Attempting to Lose Weight at the Gym (GWIATLWATG) – (n.) A type of future investment whose agreed upon levels are equal to those when you met. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

Halloween – (n.) The most sluttiest time of the year. (Halloween)

Hedge – (n.) An investment intended to balance potential decreases to the amount of sex that may be incurred by your girlfriend’s absence, depreciation, or craziness. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

Hottie – (n.) A woman with an attractive level of 7 or higher. (Prison Theory, Prison Theory 2: Over-hotting)

Hypotenuse Theory – (n.) The reason why you date uglies. (Hypotenuse Theory)

ICANT – (n.) That lame feeling you get in a relationship. (Relationships: Part I)
Legit – (adj.) Authentic or of the highest quality. (Astrology – Banging by the Stars)

Less Attractive Friends (LAF) – (n.) The company a woman surrounds herself with in order to appear hotter. (Prison Theory 2: Over-hotting, Wingman: Part I)

Lay – (v.) To bang, nail, get to know, mate, pork, drill, plow, bonk, etc… (Wingman: Part I)

Last Call Girl – (n.) An unattractive “woman” who is your last hope for getting laid on the weekend. (Beware!)

Liabilities – (n.) The negative aspects you will need to support. (Relationships: Part II – Valuing her Assets)

Losing –
(v.) To not have sex. (Losing)
(adj.) Being in the state of not having sex. (Losing)

Male Triad – (n.) The theory explaining why men cannot be confident, intelligent, and caring. (Male Triad Theory)

Menergy – (n.) Two or more bros working together to produce a result not independently obtainable. (Wingman: Part I)

Mirror Effect – (n.) The theory describing how a man is merely a reflection of his friends. (Mirror Effect)

Nice (Guy) – (n.) A guy who has no other qualities (both positive and negative). (Losing)
Opportunity Cost – (n.) The price of not staying single or boning her best friend instead (Relationships: Part II – Valuing her Assets)

Over-hotting – (v.) Valuing a woman to be more attractive than she actually is. (Prison Theory, Prison Theory 2: Over-hotting)

Perditorosis – (n.) A disease characterized by constant losing and in some cases, castration. (Perditorosis, Losing)

Poser – (n.) One who pretends to exude awesome. (Losing)

Present Value – (n.) The value of a woman today based on how many better options you have, what you two have in common, and how much you trust that she won’t sleep with your best friend. (Relationships: Part II – Valuing her Assets)

Princess – (n.) The reason you are broke. (Beware!)

Prison Theory – (n.) The theory illustrating why women become more attractive as your feasible zone decreases. (Prison Theory, Prison Theory 2: Over-hotting)

Prozac – (n.) A tool used for overcoming depression caused from prolonged exposure to online dating pictures. (Online Dating 102)

Puppies –
(n.) A female attraction tool. (Chick Magnets)
(n.) Boobs

Rebound – (n.) A woman in a fragile state, fresh off of a break up. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)

Relationship – (n.) The place where happy, ignorant men go to die. (Relationships: Part I)

Return on Investment (ROI) – (n.) How much you are getting from a woman versus how much you are putting into her. (Relationships: Part II – Valuing her Assets)

Rift – (n.) An opportunity that occasionally presents itself, allowing you to bang another dude’s girlfriend. (The Rift)

Synthetic Option – (n.) Implants, plastic surgery, or botox, a generous woman’s contribution to societal well-being. (Relationships: Part II – Investing your Manhood)
Threesome – (n.) The holy grail of banging. (Wingman: Part I)

Tunnel Vision – (n.) A narrowed field of sight in which only the chestern region of a woman is visible, while ignoring (usually to one’s demise) the waist and face. (Desperation Bias)

Ugly – (n.) A person with an attractive level of 4 or lower. (Wingman: Part I)
Valentine’s Day – (n.) The most desperate time of the year for single women. Also, the time when men should stock up on numbers and sex. (Valentine’s Day)

Vegan – (n.) A privileged, bitter woman with nothing but time on her hands to protest meaningless causes. (Beware!)

Wingman – (n.) Someone who aides in the layage process. (Wingman: Part I)

(v). To partake in the act of intercourse.
(adj.) Being of the mindset that all things are indeed possible.